Уход за изделиями и Гарантия

Уход за изделиями

Jewelry from Resm was made with great love and utmost care. To ensure it serves you more and grants you love and joy, take some time to care properly after them. Our precious pieces made primarily out of fine enamel and precious stone jewelry do not claim a special handling. Still, these simple hints will prolong the beauty of your Resm piece.

Handle and Store carefully. We recommend handling jewelry carefully when putting it on or taking off to avoid dropping it and chipping the enamel. Placing jewelry in its designers’ box or a storage container might protect the items from bumping against other items in a general box. Separate storing of each item also helps to prevent chipping.

Use enclosed cloth to clean the jewelry. In order to provide you with handy tools we also include microfiber cloth that comes alone with every RESM jewelry piece. Keep one of these microfiber cloths on hand and use it only on jewelry. Rince carefully. We recommend rinsing with lukewarm water using a few drops of a mild dish detergent to create sudsy water. Use a plastic container while rinsing and a soft cloth to pat the jewelry dry.

Гарантия на нашу продукцию составляет 2 года.

О гарантийном обслуживании:

— Гарантийный срок на товар — 24 месяца со дня продажи.

— Гарантийное обслуживание (в рамках гарантии) включает бесплатную диагностику и ремонт бракованной продукции.

— Чтобы воспользоваться гарантийным обслуживанием, проданный товар должен быть предъявлен в магазин покупателем вместе с гарантийным талоном.

— Гарантия не действует, если продукт поврежден потребителем, а не производителем.