About us

Resm: Beauty and Cultural Heritage

 Resm jewelry is a modern interpretation of the patterns and ornaments of ancient Azerbaijan.

  Not only a fashionable accessory, but also the painting of the product creates a connection with culture, traditions and, above all, with the spirit of Azerbaijan. In addition to character and high quality, regardless of the period to which they belong, Picture jewelry allows you to surpass the usual fashion trends and join the world inhabited by ancestors.

   All Resm products are provided with separate illustrations explaining the historical nature of the design, the origin of patterns and traditional ornaments. These unique and exclusive pieces of art are the perfect gift for anyone naturally inclined towards beauty and heritage.

  To improve the overall aesthetic appearance of our products, as well as to add value, we use 14K / 18K gold as well as precious stones in our jewelry.

There are also high-quality silverware, pocket squares and men’s ties.