Garabagh – Neck Scarf



Garabagh is one of the most ancient historic areas of Azerbaijan. The name of Garabagh, an integral part of Azerbaijan, is derived from the words ‘gara’ and ‘bagh’ in the Azerbaijani language. The collocation of the words «gara» and «bagh» has a history as ancient as the history of the Azerbaijani people. It is an undeniable and undisputable truth that this collocation is universally recognized as pertinent to a specific area of Azerbaijan. The word «Garabagh», with which the Azerbaijani people termed a piece of their own land, was first mentioned 1300 years ago (in the 7th century!). Garabagh used to designate a specific area, as a historic and geographic notion, but later on it gained a broader geographic sense with regards to Azerbaijan’s territory.

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